Thursday, January 20, 2005

"What If" Wolfowitz

What If.....?

The deputy defense secretary also suggested that the US decision to go to war with Iraq was motivated in part by a willingness to ward off criticism of the Bush administration in case of a new terrorist attack against the United States with weapons of mass destruction.

"If we had been wrong the other way and if the threat had really been imminent and we had been hit with an anthrax attack here that was tied to Iraq and the president had done nothing about it, what would people then say?" he retorted when asked to comment about unfound weapons of mass destruction.

"I mean, it would make the criticism of failure to prevent 9/11 just look like child's play."

Ah, the what-if game. How about this one? What if we went to war against a country that we thought supported terrorists and had WMD's that they were going to use against us? What if the war resulted in over 1,000 dead Americans, 10,000 wounded Americans, and the loss of life of over 100,000 civilians? What if that country's people were now so pissed off at us for killing their families and blowing up their homes that they would support any terrorist cause aimed at attacking the US?

And, what if, years later, we learned that we were led into this war on the basis of nothing but a pack of lies? What if all of the loss of life, limb, money and civilians could have all been avoided without any compromise to the security of the US?

What if?


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