Monday, January 17, 2005

Indoctrination By Way Of Anti-Indoctrination

Student writes essay for class. Essay sucks (I mean, c'mon! Just the grammatical errors alone are enough to put this one in the round-file). Student gets a bad grade, then complains that the bad grade was due to liberal biased professor. Student then becomes a cause célèbre showing the overwhelming discrimination against conservative students on college campuses.

Check out the website where all this so-called educational anti-indoctrination is coming from. They even have a K-12 site.

I went to a midwestern liberal arts college in the '80s, and I just don't recall any "liberal indoctrination" taking place. Quite frankly, I would be willing to bet that, if surveyed today, the majority of my graduating class would probably be fairly Republican-oriented. This has nothing to do with any indoctrination that took place in school (certainly not in the K-12 years, anyone who talked about politics then would probably be branded a nerd or freak and subsequently packed into the nearest gym locker).

So, Students for academic Freedom is created for the express intent of helping the poor oppressed conservative student from getting trod on by "The Man". "The Man", in this case, being some liberal, wine-sipping, Brie-cheese eating, commie professor who is out to subvert the student population with his/her America-hating values.

(Note: anything italicized in this post is to be considered unadulterated crap.)

What these type of organizations are trying to do is build the conservative agenda in the educational system in much the same way that conservative think tanks and foundations have subverted the mainstream media. Currently, the MSM is pushing the conservative message at the same time it is attacked by conservatives for having a liberal bias. It's a can't lose situation for the Right.

Now, they are attempting to use the same formula in the education system. Their goal will be an educational environment that discourages any so-called liberal teachings (evolution, anything in American history that makes white people look bad, anything that teaches alternate religions or questions Christian beliefs, etc.) and encourages conservative viewpoints. Regardless of conforming to their views, the educational system in our country would still be branded as a "bastion of liberals" in much the same way the SCLM is targeted by the Right today.


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