Monday, December 27, 2004

A Blog On Bloggers Blogging Blogs

Pandagon has a blog post up regarding, well, blogs:

Blog Elitists?

....You can see it in the year-end conservative blogger fellatings - blogging is a transformational tool reserved solely for the right, and, at this juncture, it's a critical move to push liberal bloggers out of the conversation. Even the most breathlessly wrong "fact-check" makes the conservative rounds in a few hours, whereas it's seemingly much more difficult for a liberal post to get around. Part of it is simply how memes spread - the conservative side of the blogosphere, from my reading of it, when not citing bad TCS columns tends to interlink to one another in a continual reaffirmation of the position and of the importance of the communal declaration of belief. In a Norquistian twist, conservative bloggers promote communalism and liberal bloggers tend to promote individualism, at least in my reading.

I disagree with the idea that the problem has anything to do with how "liberal" blogs function versus "conservative" blogs. Rather, the focus should be on how rapidly conservative blog "echoes" end up getting pitched into the mainstram media. Look at the whole "Rathergate" episode. Yes, they were correct, the memo's were forged, but the timeline from Powerline to LGF to the CNN, Fox, and was WAY faster than some of what gets to the major media outlets after getting posted on TPM, or Atrios. Come to think of it, I can't right now come up with an instance where something went from one of the lefty blogs into the mainstream media.

The upper echelon of the progressive blogs should ask themselves, when (or how often seldom) have they pushed an important point that should have been worth "going prime time" but instead just bounced around the left-wing blogs and died right there?
Not to make it sound like a conspiracy theory against the SoCalledLiberalMedia, but where is their "direct line" to the mainstream press? Where do ideas from the left ever jump into the headlines?


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