Tuesday, December 21, 2004

American Idiots

Latest polling shows Americans are still having a post-election hangover.

...As for Bush, 49 percent of respondents said they approved of the job the president is doing... Bush is the first incumbent president to have an approval rating below 50 percent one month after winning re-election.

...When asked how the United States has handled Iraq during the past year, 47 percent said things have gotten worse. Twenty percent said the situation has improved and 32 percent said it is about the same.

...On another of Bush's hot-button issues, Social Security, the respondents were divided (48-48) on whether workers should be allowed to set aside some of their earnings in private stock or bond accounts.

... only 35 percent of those surveyed in the 65 and older category(approved changing Social Security).

Approval rating in the tank? Older Americans not wanting Social Security tinkered with? Think Iraq is either getting worse, or only staying the same at best?

Well , to the 52% of you "man-daters", I say, suck it up, bitches. You wanted to wear the blue dress, so wear Bush & Co's cum-stains with pride. You earned it.

Dumb fuckers.


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