Thursday, December 23, 2004

More Idiocy

Public teaching of Intelligent Design?

...They say the school will teach evolution because it's part of the state's standardized testing. At the beginning of the unit, teachers will read a statement saying evolution is a theory-not a fact. They will "not" teach intelligent design-a theory that says the universe is so complex a higher power must be responsible. Teachers will tell kids that there are alternatives to the theory of evolution and give them the name of a Book they can read to learn more about it on their own. The ACLU is suing Dover saying presenting intelligent design violates separation of church and state... (Notice that Book is capitalized in the original article. Like, ya know, as in B-ible?)

I say, fuck it. Lets just open the damn floodgates of hell and let any old "theory" get pushed as a mandatory requirement in the public education system. After Darwins theory of Evolution, they can teach the Moulder/Scully "Martians-ass-fuck-apes-to-make-humans" theory, then the Scientologists "God-Gumba-at-the-earth's-core-puked-mankind-out-of-a-volcano" theory, and the creationist theory.

Why stop at Biology? All those "theories" of math, chemistry and physics, they are just theories, man, not facts. If my teacher says that 1+1=2, well, that is his theory, not mine. I think 1+1 should equal 80,000,000, cause that's cool, at least in my theory. Theory of Relativity? Smack it, my "Little-Atoms-Opening-The-Gates-to-the-23rd-Dimension-of-Bumfuck-Mongolia" theory is just as valid, right.

I mean, they are just theories, right? It's not like anyone is going to really use those theories in real life right? What's the harm in it?


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