Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Batshit Nutcase Republican Beats Marine Democrat

Well, this will make me hopeful for America's Future

Here is Nov 2004 replayed over again: GOP slimes a war veteran, pours money into a campaign, and voters go to the polls to chose a loony, creepy nutcase who spouts such nonsense as blindly "standing beside our president" and "keep your eye on the ball, or else the ball will harm you".

Yet again, another case where I would choose not to "reach out" to my red-state american neighbors - I'd rather tell them to go choke on all of that "moral values-I'm more patriotic than thou-RushLimbaughSeanHannityAnnCoulterMichelleMalkin is my fucking superhero" bile and crap and just go PISS OFF!


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