Monday, July 11, 2005


Digsby says Rove should resign:

All of us and all of the Democrats should be screaming bloody murder for what we know he did --- and we should be demanding his resignation. I realize that Bush is not going to fall over weeping when we do this, and the press will probably somnambulently tip-toe until roused, but it begins the drumbeat and it puts pressure on the White House. We are about to enter a huge fight over two Seats on the Supreme Court. Anything to put them off their game is a good thing. And there is no reason that Rove should not be forced to resign over this. If it were any other White House we would naturally assume it would happen...

Now, when the Clinton administration had some paeon in the mailroom stealing stamps, did the republicans call for a resignation? Fuck no, the called for an independent council, expected the reveal that Hillary herself was embezzelling stamps from all branches of government, and killing/hiding bodies of anyone who saw her swiping the coveted mailroom envelopes and postage.

So no, I don't think the Democrats should be calling for resignations. They should be calling for an Independant council, they should be calling for investigations, they should accuse this administration of burying bodies, of using Iraq of being this administrations "wag the dog", etc., etc.

Face it, these people don't respond to anything civilized. Frothing at the mouth reactionism is all they understand. So take it to them then.


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