Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Even Lil' Russ Gets It

From Americablog:

Russert's best line: "As one Republican said to me last night, if this was a Democratic White House we'd have congressional hearings in a second."

When a wad like Russ gets the idea, why can't the rest of the Democratic party figure it out?

Calling for an IC, calling all congressmen, there is scandal and corruption afoot in the White House!

Here are some reminders:

"Should we reward not telling the truth? That is the question of this election: Reward Bill Clinton. Or, vote Republican."

"These ads spell out very clearly for the public what the differences are between Republicans and Democrats in terms of what direction we want to lead the country," National Republican Congressional Committee spokeswoman Mary Crawford said.

How about this Conservative quote?:
But if any president is able to commit crimes with impunity by using thevast powers and perquisites of his office to cover up, then we will havea danger of corruption and abuse of power that can only grow with the passing years and generations."

Or, what about the immortal words of Tom Delay?

"It would be a travesty to the Constitution for us to lower the standards for breaking the law by not voting for impeachment,"
"All impeachment is, it's like a grand jury that looks at the evidence, and the House decides whether the evidence warrants sending it to the Senate for trial," DeLay said on Sunday. "That's all it is."


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