Thursday, May 26, 2005

Our Spineless, Liberal Media

Newsweek was right all along:

PENTAGON investigators have confirmed five incidents in which the Koran was mishandled by US guards and interrogators at Guantanamo Bay.

But they found “no credible evidence” that the Muslim holy book was flushed down a lavatory, as alleged in a disputed news account that sparked riots in the Islamic world.

Brigadier-General Jay Hood, who commands the detention centre in Cuba, said yesterday that a prisoner who alleged such desecration three years ago has now changed his story.

The investigators found 13 cases of alleged mishandling of the Koran at Guantanamo by US personnel. Ten were by a guard and three by interrogators. Of those, five were substantiated, General Hood said. He said that three of the cases were deliberate. None of the US personnel involved was facing disciplinary action.
The US has been fighting allegations that its prison guards and interrogators abused the Koran as a softening-up tactic at the US base.

Sixteen people died in riots that started in Afghanistan after Newsweek reported that the Pentagon had confirmed an allegation that a copy of the Koran had been flushed down a lavatory. The magazine retracted its story a week later and apologised after its source qualified the claim.

So, we just "mishandled" the Koran........Like, "Oops, I just dropped the Koran on a pile of dogshit! Sorry.... C-luuumsy me."

And the flushing incident has now been recanted. Gee, how many times did the prisoner get "waterboarded" to change his tune? Or did the anal "Glowstick of Truth" get him to retract his story? My guess is that Newsweek must have recieved the "GoT" also, considering how fast they retracted their (now true) story.



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