Monday, April 10, 2006

A Modest Tin-Hat Theory

So, we point an accusing finger at Iraq, making it out to be the #1 threat to world stability and peace.

Then we invade Iraq, topple the government, and then feebly attempt to make democracy grow from the ashes. Instead, the country descends into sectarian violence, and the supply of Iraqi oil (which other "tin-hats" claim was the reason all we invaded - to TAKE Iraq's oil) drops to levels below what even Saddam Hussein was allowed to export.

And the price of oil rises.

Now we are pointing an accusing finger at Iraqn, making it out to be the #1 threat to world stability and peace.

And the price of oil is rising.

Could it be that the purpose of all this destabilizing of the middle east on the part of the Bush administration be for the added (not sole) purpose of raising oil prices. After all, wouldn't the Saudis (who are rumored to have not nearly as much oil reserves as they let on) benefit from the artificial inflation of oil prices due to the Bush sabre-rattling? Wouldn't the oil companies benefit also?

What do you think?


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