Thursday, January 26, 2006

Spineless Jackasses


I broke my longstanding policy of not donating money to political parties last fall when the folks from the DNC called and asked for money to help gird them for the upcoming fights over judicial seats. I was assured that indeed they would fight to keep right-wing extremists off the Supreme Court.And now, faced with a clear-cut extremist (and dissembler) who is about to not only overturn the right to obtain an abortion, but also to pave the path for an imperial executive branch with limitless powers ... nothing.I'm not terribly inclined, as my readers know, to use profanity in my posts. But if the Democratic Party wants any more of my money, they can just go fuck themselves.

What does it take for the Democrat Party to learn the concept of "Unity"? They've spent so much time trying to be moderate centrists that they have seemed to lost any understanding of the concept of being an opposition party.

Look guys, when the scale has been loaded with a 10-ton elephant on the right, you can only balance the scale with a 10 ton jackass on the left. Putting 100 tons of bullshit in the middle of the scale wont balance the scale, it will still tilt to the right. The public just wont see it because of all that bullshit you've been piling on.

C'mon jackasses. Start kickin, pull your weight or else line up in front of the glue factory and head on in.


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So you are perfectly alright with having a failed abortion (living child) just let it die?
Are you against water boarding?
Yet perfectly alright to taser a citizen for asking a question?


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