Thursday, March 16, 2006

Preach it, Athenae!

Sing it from the rooftops!

So I'm left with Howard, and with Russ. This country needs leadership like I need scotch to drink, to wake the fuck up, wash the taste of cigarettes out of my mouth, and flavor my morning coffee. This country needs leadership because not knowing where to look, who to listen to? We'll latch on to the first loudmouth who grabs the bullhorn and starts yelling. If there's one thing 9/11 taught us, it's that.

Well and truly, I say to you, if the election was this year, I would not, NOT, vote for any other democrat other than Russ, Dean, Kerry, or Wes Clarke. If Biden or Hillary or the other lukewater Dems make it past the primary, I think I'd just stay home on election night.

Honest to God, Hillary, what happened to you? I don't believe that you always kowtowed to the center like this. Stand up, be a maverick, be an OPPOSITION PARTY LEADER, for God's sake.
It's what our country needs.