Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is Palin Really All That Popular In Alaska?

Via Mudflats:
I’ve been asked a couple times for comparative images of the Pro-Palin rally and the Anti-Palin rallies. So, here they are.
Here’s the pro-Palin rally in a room with a capacity of 5000 people. If you don’t count security, secret service, staffers, and media, I’m guessing a maximum of about 800-900 people. Boots on the ground from the Ed Schultz Show that was in town, counted the crowd at about 500.

[Looks pretty empty for a "popular" VP candidate visiting her home state]

Next, we have pictures of the Anti-Palin rally that was held across the street...

There were between 1400 and 1500 rally-goers, and about 90 at the counter rally according to an observer who went through the crowd with a counter. Anchorage police estimated “more than 1500″.
The Anti-Palin rally, by the way, was the largest rally in the history of the state of Alaska.
Maybe Palin is "popular" down here, where her politics and persona are relatively unknown (and can therefore be easily airbrushed by the McCain Campaign and the conservative media).
People in her home state are not fooled by her facade, neither should we.


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