Monday, June 02, 2008

Thinks That Make Me Think We Need A Good Peasant Revolt


THEIR spouses could leave them when they discover that their net worth has collapsed to eight figures from nine. Friends and business associates could avoid them as they pass their lunchtime tables at Barney’s or the Four Seasons. And these snubs could trickle down to their children.
“They fear their kids won’t get invited to the right birthday parties,” said Michele Kleier, an Upper East Side-based real estate broker. “If they have to give up things that are invisible, they’re O.K. as long as they don’t have give up things visible to the outside world.”

Oh, those poor rich fuckers, maybe if we cut their taxes to 0% or something, we can make them beel better. Or maybe the governent can give them multi million$ handouts (See Bear Sterns, etc.).

It would seem that the attitudes of the upper class have changed little over the years.


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