Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bizarro Amerika

So Kerry makes an "inappropriate" comment at a speech and suddenly that is news?

What about lying about the reasons for the Iraq war?

What about the secret cabinet meetings Cheney had with energy CEO's, the substance of are still hidden away today?

What about the story about a White House press room staffer that happens to specialize in lobbing softball questions at adnimistration officials; who turns out to be a gay ex-prostitute?

What about the billions of dollars that are unaccounted for that were supposed to be spend on rebuilding Iraq?

What about the exposing of a CIA agent by the White House as retribution for a news column written by the agents spouse that was critical of the white house actions leading up to the Iraq war?

What about the payoffs of columnists and false newscasts created as propaganda for pushing phaseout of Social Security?

What about the extrodinary rendition of citizens of U.S. (yes, U.S.!) and other countries to Gitmo, to Uzbekistan, Syria, etc. ? And yes, it has been shown that the majority of these poor fuckers were (are!) innocent of and/or never been charged with any crime - what about that?

What about......hell, the list just goes on and on. But here we see the lickspittle media focusing on a gaffe in a speech by Senator Kerry, as if that was the most damning political scandal in America today. This is the Bizarro America we live in.

We. Are. So. F&%ked.


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