Thursday, June 23, 2005

An Open Letter To Rep. Ron Kind

To: Rep. Kind;

Some excerpts from Josh Marshall's Blog:

Naomi Seligman isn't happy with the House Democrats. And, I would say, with some reason. In any case, a week ago CREW called on the House Ethics Committee to investigate the 'mystery' behind defense contractor Mitchell Wade's sweetheart purchase of Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham's home for upwards of a million dollars over market value and whether that had anything to do with Wade's company going from zero to sixty in about ten seconds in the Homeland Security and Defense contracting game. Seligman et al. are pissed at the Dems because under the House rules only another member of the House can file an ethics complaint with the House Ethics Committee. And despite their best efforts, the folks at Crew can't find a single Democratic member of the House who's willing to go out on a limb and fill out a form saying that they think the Ethics Committee maybe ought to take a look at Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Wade), his house sale, 'his' fancy yacht, and his general status as the best kept (at least as far as we know so far) man in Congress. .....

There is more there, if you care to read it. My question is this: as an ex-prosecutor (your website has this as your bio... -

"Kind returned to his hometown of La Crosse to become a county prosecutor and gained recognition for his tough and effective prosecution in cases involving adult and child sexual assaults, child abuse, domestic abuse and white-collar crime. He also served as special prosecutor in numerous counties throughout western Wisconsin..."

- aren't you the least bit concerned about the possible ethics violations (and possible criminal activity) by your peers in the House? Can you explain to me why you, with your background in persecuting white-collar crime, aren't interested in investigating the possibility of criminal activity occurring in the highest levels of our Government?


A Lowly Constituent

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


It's about goddamn time.

Wisconsin Democrats are calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.
Loyalists at this weekend's state party convention in Oshkosh passed a resolution calling for Congress to initiate impeachment proceedings against the three officials for their role in the war in Iraq.
The resolution contends that the administration "lied or misled" the United Nations, Congress, and the American public about the justification for the war. It cites the so-called "Downing Street memo" from British Prime Minister Tony Blair's government, as well as reports from U.N. weapons inspectors as evidence of widespread deception.

Damn right. Republicans (a lot of the same ones who are still in there now) insisted on having a moral obligation to impeach a sitting president for lying about whether he had sex with an intern. A reprehensible act, which sullied the honor of the US government and the presidency.

Now, another sitting president has been shown to have lied to the American people in order to "sell" the US and it's allies a war for questionable reasons. A reprehensible act, which sullied the honor of the US government and the presidency. And has been directly responsible for the deaths of over 1700 US service-men and -women.

So - where is the "Republican morals and values" outrage now? Unless they speak up and express thier anger at this lying corrupt administration, they are merely proving what most democrats suspected all along.......that the impeachment of then President Clinton was not about "upholding the integrity of government". Rather it was just a bald political move meant to put a black mark on one of the most popular presidents America has had since Kennedy.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Thanks and Praise To The Monty Python Players


The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the NewZealanders Focus On The Family
1. In which Paul castigateth the AntipodeansJames Dobson; 2. 3. empty showing of holiness; 4. of fornicators and abusers of mankind; 5. of poverty and tolerance; 8. exorteth them to beware of false prophets.

Dear NewZealanders Focus On The Family,
It has come to my attention from our brother Hillary, the beekeeper of Auckland, that all is not well in your community.
What is all this nonsense about certain of your number kneeling down in front of crosses? That is naughty in the extreme; you've changed the glory of an incoruptible God into an image.

I understand that the very same people collect together in churches for the purpose of worship. Who needs it? God doesn't. I've asked Him; He's fed up with it, especially psalms, they give Him a headache and cause his teeth to strike together. Don't they realise thier praise is meaningless? Why can't they concentrate on being better behaved towards one another and forget about this empty show of holiness?
He also says, though don't quote me on this, "They can stuff it up thier arses." He said that, not I. I, a mere mortal, would not have put it quite like that. I'm afraid I think too much about my earthly reputation; but I cannot help agreeing with Him.


I exhort you to:
be empathetic;
be splendid;
be aware of your own ignorance, and, as always, beware of those who claim to lead you to better self-knowledge by taking your money.
Must finish now as I have to catch the post. Lots of love. P. Kiss, kiss, kiss.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Newsweak Was Right....Again!

Actually, the Newsweak report was just mis-worded. Prison guards didn't flush the Quoran down the toilet, they actually used the quoran as a toilet:

An American military inquiry has revealed the Koran was stepped on, kicked, soaked with water and accidentally urinated on by guards at the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.


In the most recent and bizarre of the incidents detailed in the army’s report, a guard splashed a detainee and his Koran with urine in March this year...

Media reports forced to retract story...right wing rejoices in victory...original story later shown to be valid...right wing says "nothing to see here folks, move along, now watch this drive.