Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Proof That We Are Entering The Weimar Republic Phase

The fact that one of the "bluest" states in the US would let Ted Kennedy's seat be turned over to a Republican speaks volumes on the state of our nation. This same Republican has vowed to fight the very thing that Kennedy has spent his time in the Senate fighting for. Furthermore, he promises to help thwart any progress in legislation at a time when so much needs to be done to help the US from falling into 3rd world status. The very fact that his additional vote for the minority party at all (41 to 59 as opposed to 40-60) is substantial enough to bring the Washington legislative process to a screeching halt shows how broken the system has become. Not 5 years ago, the Republican party was able to force through votes with "only" 55 seats by "nuclear option" threats and reconcilliation process.

Coakley loses + wavering house Dems kill HCR + no legislative progress in 2010 = loss of Dem majorities in house and Senate.

Probably forever.

Voters want a party in power that legislates, that actually does things. Even bad legislation passing shows that the party in power is able to wield power effectively.


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