Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Catholics: No SoupLiving Wills For You!!

According to the Madison, WI diosece:

The Bishop of the Madison Diocese is clarifying the church's position on living wills.

He answered in a recent edition of the Catholic Herald stating that, "According to the church's doctrine, if a living will gets in the way of medical procedures that could prevent death, even if a person is permanently unconscious, it is a mortal sin."
"When the boxes are checked off, one would get the impression that the author of this document intends suicide under certain circumstances, and that can never be for a disciple of Christ," says Bishop Morlino.

(Emphasis mine)

I can see the need for the Diosece to need to clarify their stance on living wills, but this is just absurd. Taken to its logical end, the Bishop is stating that, in essense, a Catholic's refusal to let modern technology keep that person alive by any means constitutes sin. Also, a person's choosing to not hold onto life no matter what cost also constitutes sin.

So is a willing martyr of the Christian faith also a sinner? After all, he/she is choosing to die for their faith.

Luke 17:33
"Whosoever shall seek to gain his life shall lose it: but whosoever shall lose 'his life' shall preserve it. "

Just another part of the Catholic faith that I do not understand.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have misunderstood this verse.
I believe Jesus was talking metaphorically, meaning that if I sacrificed my own desires in my life, then I would gain true life through God and recieve true life.

Also, it seems that you have brought in a third person that was not mentioned in the quote.

It is between you and God, deciding your own life choices.

5:25 PM  

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