Thursday, March 10, 2005

Heads, You Lose, Tails..........You Lose

Kos has a post talking about why there was Democratic support for the bankruptcy bill:

Why did we lose so many votes on cloture on such an awful, venal piece of legislation?
It's really a structural matter in terms of who Democrats end up soliciting for campaign donations.

This becomes amplified for vulnerable Democrats who often flock to groups like the New Democrats or Blue Dogs in order to establish their bona fides with the business community in order to secure their seats. Some of these so-called conservative, pro-business Dems are honestly out of step with the party but many are just struggling to field a credible re-elect effort in difficult districts.

Vote against a bankruptcy bill destined to pass anyway (remember, the GOP has its majorities) and you get very little political benefit while losing one of your main sources of election cash. The less cash-on-hand you have heading into the election season, the more likely you are to face a well-funded opponent. So why would a House Democrat vote against the bill? They won't. And while some of you may blame them anyway, that won't jibe with the reality on the ground.

So, it's all about financing your war chest. Fine. Corporate interest/dollars trumps voters again.

If these so-called Democrats want to help the Democratic Party, they will remember that the Party must stand together, or not at all.

And if these co-called "Congressmen of Concience" Democrats want to help America, then they should switch party affiliation. They would help everyone more as "moderate Republicans" than as "centrist Democrats". And if they want to improve their election hopes by not being hit with the "tax-and-spend liberal" brand, just change that "D" to an "R".

Go on, leave now. Your not helping us anyway.


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