Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bush: Winning Is Everything

Tapes reveal what some of us already have guessed:

Predictably, commentators poring over this Rosetta Stone have focused on the hieroglyphics about drug use in the Sixties (Bush is a little more candid in private than he was in public) and his careful (but not too public) wooing of evangelicals.

Far more revealing are the glimpses into the combative, even arrogant heart of Bush’s character – and that of the Bush Clan. These are people expert at boarding-school blasé, at hiding a seething need to win behind a veil of bumbling nonchalance.

A key to Bush’s strategy was to scare others out of the Republican nomination race by amassing a horde of contributions and endorsements, and by drying up those resources for the other candidates.

But there was no stepping on Forbes. The guy had untold millions of dollars of his own, a geeky fearlessness that make him oblivious to threats and close, deep ties to the libertarian wing of the conservative movement in the GOP.

Bush’s response? ...Bush threatened to take his ball and go home, then wait for the moment of payback. Were Forbes to win the GOP nomination by attacking him too hard, Bush told Wead, he could forget any support from the Bush family, including from his brother Jeb, the governor of Florida. Forbes “can forget Texas,” Bush tells Wead. “And he can forget Florida. And I will sit on my hands.” In other words, Bush would rather see the Democrats win the White House than a Republican who humiliated him by defeating him in the nomination race.

Simply put, Bush's win in 2000 and 2004 had nothing to do with his compassion or his vision of improving America. It was merely his ability to play any card, use any tool at his disposal, in order to "win the presidency". The problem is, the office of the President should not be a position that is "won", but earned. Why should the world look to us for leadership when we elect a cutthroat, influence-pandering, elistist blohard who has no compuction about lying his way out of responsibility?


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